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Manu | 20 October 2012 | no comments

Dante’s view, the most beautiful spot in the Death Valley


The most breathtaking view ever seen in my life, Dante’s View. (In Death Valley National Park, California, US)

Driving up to there was quite scary. I can’t forget the super-massive excitement that I felt when I knew I was almost there.

This place is 1699 m high but it made me feel like 1699 km and the view was much more amazing than a view from mountains of 1699 km.

Because you can see Badwater Basin, the lowest point of North America, from here all the way down. It is breathtaking!!!

Maggie’s happines jumping on the salty Badwater basing of the Death Vally

After this, I actually went to Badwater basin, it was amazing to stand on the salt flat that is -86 meters below sea level. I tried a little bit, it was real salt!!

Zabrienskie Point, desert land

And then Zabriskie Point. This place made me feel like I am in a PS3 roll playing game.

I didn’t visit every point in Death Valley, but I can say that at least these 3 are Must-sees.

(Maggie C.)