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Manu | 21 April 2012 | 1 comment

This journey to and through Tierra Del Fuego is an adventure itself and it’s really enduring all my resistance.

I left El Calafate at 3 in the morning heading to Rio Gallegos, where I got the connection to Ushuaia after a couple of hour waiting at the sunrise in the station. And then it started. I couldn”t even fall asleep that we were already at the frontier with Chile. What a waste of time and bureaucracy ll that. Queuing and checking luggages, passports, for a bare 100 kilometers by bus before re-entering Argentina again. And in the middle, The Strait of Magellan with its rough windy see that was so scaring and cold, and the worse road of the worse road ever, made me feel almost sick after a while. “This is Patagonia”, told me a man in the bus when I told him how cold and windy it was outside. Fortunately, at the re-entering in Argentina they didn’t have to check the luggage in, and the passport practise was not too long and easy. After that, I have been starting to enjoy the landscape and te sensation of being at the end of the world for real. The landscape outside the window is marvellous.  Struggle not to fall asleep in order to enjoy it at the most. We are in the middle of deserted never-ending roads, and the different with all I ave seen so far, is that these lands are inhabited by beautiful animal species, like lemurs and flamingos, and beautiful birds, and horses and sheep that I haven’t  seen so far in Argentina. Nature here is more alive, despite the lost horizon, where once or then you can see the shapes of an estancia, a farm in the middle of nowhere, and cannot avoid wondering how is living right here, in this middle, far away from literally everything.

People in the bus are very friendly. They are all locals going to Ushuaia or Rio Gande for work, and I think they find it funny the fact that I am the only “tourist” around. It’s low season here, they don’t even expect tourists in Ushuaia in this period. They all told me to be prepared, as it’s going to be very cold; well, I am ready, I just want to arrive and enjoy this amazing feeling. If I look outside this bus window I am already amazed by where I am, alone, far away from everything, after dreaming it for years.

Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego are unique places in South America.

The imagine of sunny and warm beaches are so far from my imagination down here. Here it’s more about the feeling of a frontier, of the last land before the unknown, of the end of a journey, of a continent, of a Mountain Rangers, of a road…