Knud Rasmussen Glacier

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Glacier, Greenland, kulusuk, Knud rasmussen Glacier

His Majesty, Knud Rasmussen Glacier of Greenland

It is one of the most majestic sights you can see in Greenland, or maybe in the world.

Finding yourself in front of a Glacier is always a very unique experience, often difficult to describe in words, because it has to do with that feeling of being small compared to the splendour of Mother Nature, and also because Glaciers, in general, are felt like alive creatures breathing, moving, expanding, and sometimes dying, too.

Knud Rasmussen Glacier, Greenland, Glaciers, Kulusuk

The first sight of the Glacier, as it appears at the horizon from the boat

And His Majesty Knud Rasmussen Glacier is not less. It extends for more than 3 kms in length and it is about 900 meters in width, and together with 3 other glaciers surrounding the Wolstenholme Fjord, it is considered one of the “ice machines of the world”, one of those glaciers that keep the balance of water and land on the planet, that keeps the balance of life in Greenland and on Planet earth. In Summer from Kulusuk you can reach it only by helicopter, or , kayaking for few days, or by a 3 hour boat ride as we did, crossing some of the most majestic landscapes you can ever see in your entire life.

iceberg, greenland,

Massice icebergs along the sailing “road” to the Glcier

Greenland, Glaciers, global warming

The 5 glaciers in this area of Greenland are called the ice machine of the world.


On the way there, despite the cold wind that will make you feel like you are having your face cut in pieces, you will see some few other glaciers along the way and each time you will wonder if you are arrived yet. But the glacier you are looking for is at the end of the bay, it is the most beautiful but also the furthest , right on the 66 Degree North. You will wonder if so much Beauty all at once can ever be possible. You will be surrounded by icebergs of all kind of shape and color, silent witness of the solitary silent beauty of these lands. Suddenly, after sailing for hours, when you just don’ expect it, His Majesty appears, far away on the horizon, waiting for you and shining in all his stunning force.

Knud Rasmussen Glacier, greenland, Glaciers

The Sun shining on one side of the Glacier when it appeared at our sight. Photography bliss!

Lucky me, when we saw it appearing at the horizon, a shy ray of sun was enlighting the Glacier on his right side. The view was even more speechless, as it looked like a vision, like something or someone mystic who was appearing to you to reveal you what the word Sublime really means.

Glacier, greenland, seal

Can you spot the intruder?

I love Glaciers. By now I have seen many of them, especially in Iceland, but Knud Rasmussen Glacier was a special oneas it reminded me of the King of the ice on other side of the Planet, that Perito Moreno Glacier that astonished me when I was in Patagonia few years ago. It is not a case that both of them have a first name and a surname, just like two human beings, and when you stand in front of both of them you understand they are actually alive, two immense and stunning creatures that live in front of you and have been living since the creation of the world.

Greenland by boat

The long way to destination is usually wild and cold in Greenland

Knud rasmussen glacier, greenland,

The area surrounding Knud Rasmussen

The more you get closer to them the more the Glaciers look enormous, the more you feel small, almost invisible, just like the surrounding, with no real meaning in front of a being that has been there since the beginning of time. The only thing you can do when in front of these creatures is sitting in silence and admire them and let all the flow of emotion come out, breath deeply as you are standing in front of one of the most ancient glaciers in the world who is putting you in direct contact with the creation of Life, and enjoy the view as it is so rare and unique in your life and will probably never repeat again.

Glacier, Greenland,

3 hours sailing on a open boat to sit for few minutes in front of one of the most stunning and silent places of the planet. Speechless!

greenland flag, greenland, east greenland, glacier

Inuit, Greenland, kulusuk

Harald smiling in front of the Glacier

Knud Rasmussen Glacier stole me a big smile and aout loud laugh of excitement. I wish all of you the possibility to experience a Glacier once in your life, to experience the extreme, the far away, the uncomfortable, but also the stunning vision you get at the end of it, because only there you’ll understand how lucky you, we are, to be alive.

Knud rasmussen glacier, greenland

With Miky, the boat driver, satisfied to have made it!

How to get there: There is no service scheduled to get there, as with everything in Greenland. You need to find a boat. In order to do that you can ask around in Kulusuk or Tasiilaq village, at the Tourist shop of Tasiilaq or if you are a guest of the hotels, in one of the two hotels in Kulusuk or Tasiilaq.

When to go: Best time is in Summer of course. Winter is very rough up here. From November till April strong snow and wind storm make every kind of transportation impossible. Kulusuk remains isolated for the entire winter. Summer with its nevereding Midnight Sun nights allow you to enjoy not only the view at any time, but also the fantastic saturated colors of the Nature around. And the boat ride will then look even more stunning! 




Perito moreno glacier, patagonia

His Majesty Perito Moreno Glacier, Kind of Patagonia!

Perito Moreno Glacier: Patagonia of my hearth!









Knud Rasmussen Glacier, Greenland