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Tallinn and its colours, its narrow streets, its cute old Old City, its friendly and merry people has really astonished me. I had heard so many good things about this town before arriving, but I really didn’t imagine it so beautiful.
It has the charisma and the taste of Praga, but it’s much Northern, in a country that has been almost forbidden, unknown and unacceptable until few years ago. Tallinn conquered my heart with its sweet Medieval atmosphere, so well preserved, even if it’s a little bit too touristic to be Estonia.
I am again far away from home, fully immersed into the Eastern Europe. This trip is a surprise at every step taken, maybe because I didn’t expect it, or maybe because I really feel good up here. These places, so far away, require to be searched, discovered and then you can love them forever.
Tallinn has gently smiled at me…preciously!


The page of my 1st impressions diary dedicated to Tallinn is a special one as that trip was one of the most absurd ever done in life.
With my great friend Domenico, we left Copenhagen by bus at night heading to Stockholm, and after a day spent there with a painful stiff neck we took an unreal boat journey to Helsinki that took us 17 hours, surrounded by Swedish and Finnish people dancing, singing and drinking all night! Once arrived in the capital of Finland we didn’t find any accommodation so the only solution was to get the ferry to Tallinn and go to sleep there.
When we arrived to Tallinn harbor we had to walk a long way before reaching the city center. But, as soon as we stepped in the Old City we were astonished by her gracious beauty. The walk into town was so great that we almost forgot to look for an hostel. The houses were small and colorful, the streets were so ancient and narrow and the entire downtown was like out of a fairytale. We couldn’t stop looking at it and smiling.Tallinn is the most beautiful secret kept in the middle of the Russian Empire. For centuries nobody ever dared to arrive up there, as that land looked far and inhospitable, but it was actually hiding one of the most beautiful Medieval town of Europe.

The beautiful pictures in this page are the passionate photography work by Filippo Bianchi.
As I don’t have my pictures of Tallin with me, I found Filippo’s ones in the web and kindly asked him if he would have liked to share them here, on My1stimpressions. I like Filippo’s eye for the places he visits. Thank you so much Filippo!
Click here to see his most beautiful pictures.

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