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Manu | 2 April 2012 | 2 comments

IF THERE WAS  a feeling that can ever be called happiness…then it must be this one!
Skydiving has been the most crazy, amazing, incredible thing ever done in life, so good and unforgettable, so unique and exciting that I will do it for sure again and again.
The fear and the adrenaline keep yourself up the night before, and the day after…with a mix of unexplainable happiness that gives you energy like never before.
On that plane today I had My 1st impression of what is flying and what is the pure freedom.
When the little plane takes off on Queenstown lake and the instructor start to show you the landscape and explain what we are going to do together you start to feel your heart beating faster and faster.
The landscape down there is amazing and I am going to jump right on the most beautiful place of Planet Earth, with a blue lake under my feet, surrounded by epic mountains and into the deepest blue sky ever. Great!
As soon as I arrived they told me I would have gone on the first plane, so I didn’t have so much time to think about my craziness! And on that plane, looking at the landscape underneath, everything seemed just beautiful and as unusual as it can be a plane trip on a plane without seats.

The first time I really realized that I was going to jump out of it it was when suddenly one of the guys open the door of the plane and the chilled air of 15000 feet high woke up my sense and my instincts and told me something was gonna happen!
When I saw the first tandem couple sititng just on the limit of the plane and jumping down in a matter of seconds I was in shock. What I saw was these two people linked to each other falling into the air in one second, with all their weight….I didn’t even have the time to understand it well and the guy linked to me told you that it was our turn!!!!!!
Holy guinness!
The first that went out was the videomaker. He had a vidcamera on on his head and went out of the plane, first standing on the feet of the plane itself, in the air, waiting for us to get out together.
That was the most astonishing thing ever seen. Then we went out. We sat on the edge of the plane for seconds that seemed as long as my life, with the cold wind smashing my face, trying not to look down and remembering what my instructor told me before taking of: “ Remember, keep your eyes open, even if you are scared, else you will miss it all”.

So on a plane flying at an altitude of 12000 feet, sited on the board, with the door open ready to jump and with my eyes staring at the blue, the heart going at 300 beats per minute, the adrenaline like crazy and the happiness of a child, with my feet already touching the air, and wondering when the instructor at my back will decide to jump….. finally we jumped!
I will never forget that moment for sure. In that moment moment, your life instinct makes you scream, as you know you are doing something insane. I saw the plane flying away on the top of my head in the moment of the jump, and when I looked down I was free falling at a speed of 200 Km/h… the air slap my face and took your breath away, I cacouldn’t stop screaming, even if I couldn’t hear anything except the scream of the wind in my ears.
I totally forgot I had my instructor at the back, until he gave me the sign I could finally open my arms, and like wings I could fly.
And when I opened my wings I felt free!
It must be the same feeling the birds may have, and I can tell it’s the most amazing ever.
You start to feel that instead of going against it, the wind keeps you in the air. You feel it under your body…the air keeps you light in the sky, you fly and with the arms open you are hugging the world beneath you that looks fantastic from that high.
I was totally into this amazing feeling of fear and happiness when suddenly, I don’t know how, the videomaker appeared in my sky.
These guys are fantastic. I don’t know how he made it. I totally forgot about him and it’s beautiful when in your freefall suddenly someone appears..it’s so unreal and crazy! The guy tried to reach my hand and finally we made it, I even managed to send a kiss in the camera just before falling into a cloud. The cloud was incredible. I couldn’t even breath. It’s like when you see a cloud from a plane, the difference was just that I was diving into it!

When I went out of the cloud the instructor decided it was time to open the parachute and for a second we were launched up into the blue sky like a missile. When the parachute got open, the wind and the noise I had during the freefall desappeared immediately and suddenly everything was silent and quite, and beautiful, incredibly beautiful.
I had the feeling that in that moment my legs started to shake, for the big emotion. That’s why I started to scream of happiness, totally forgetting I had the guy at my back!!! And when heasked me how was it and showed my Queenstown and the landscape under our feet, I just said I had to do it again! It was amazing. No words to describe all this. With the parachute open it’s a pleasure to enjoy the feeling. The instructor made me do some crazy round circles in the sky before landing on my feet on the floor.
When your feet touch the ground again you are someone different. My legs were shaking and same for my hands. I was unable to take out my shoes and I couldn’t stop jumping for the happiness.

It’s simply amazing and these guys are simply fantastic! Skydiving for the first time on such a great location like Queenstown made it special as well.

All I want to do now is do it again and again. The adrenaline has kept my spirit high for the rest of the day, and I spent the rest of it trying to calm down and describing it.

It’s impossible to describe it, you can only describe your feeling and sensations…and do it again and again and again and again….

CURIOSITY: Even though my description above gives the impression of a free fall of several minutes, it was actually “only” one minute freefall from that altitude… I don’t have to add that that was the longest minute in my life I suppose….

Enjoy the video!


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