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Manu | 8 April 2012 | no comments

My 1stimpressions of Madrid is of a beautiful European town, big but also cosy enought to feel imemdiately at home.

That’s the feeling I had when I went out of the metro this afternoon and a sunny cold day welcome me in the Spansh capital.

The architecture of the houses remembers me the one of Rome, in the areas where peope live and where the daily life is all about.

I didn’t see downtown Madrid ( that’s a good reason to come back) but I had a great day with the people of the couchsurfing who hosted me today.

Together wit Mike we went to the stadium, to watch an incredible match of Rayo Vallecano against Osasuna. What an atmosphere! Rayo is another of the football teams of this town, maybe the less famous anf glorious but not for this less loved and followed by its supporters. The stadium of the town is just in the middle of the area with the same name and maybe not even a third of the Bernabeu Sadium, but the atmosphere in it is hot. You go out of the metro and you see it in front of you, filled with people in red singing songs for their team.

Rayo is  the team of the normal people, not galacticos around here, and this makes it much more human and cool.

At the stadium every kind of people surrounds you, singing, talking, smiling, a man won a huge piece of ham in a local lottery and was sitted with it for the entire match.

The match was a great one, as Rayo won 6-0 against Osasuna, whose supporters were some of the greatest ever seen, keeping singing even after the last goal and supportng their team like if they were in a final of a big tournament.

It was simply great and I enjoyed the feeling of getting into the daily life of Madrid like this.

Back home I had a great night with myhosts, Mike and is girlfriend were super chilled, we cooked Italian food and had a great conversain about traeling, cultures, movies.

What a great way to kick off a travel. i feel I am aleady totally into it.  this trip is not eve started yet and I have already met some amaing people!!!

What i realised today is that I really have to get used to hear around me another language, Spanish in htis case. It always happens nd it usually takes 3 or 4 days before your mind doesn’t start to notice it anymore. From now on, Spanish is the main language of this trip and I have to get used to it! it’s exciting, I already felt it on the plane, and around the town, tomorrow ter ewill be the dive ino it.

So, basically, here we are… on the road again…

Tomorrow is already tomorrow 🙂


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