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Manu | 14 April 2012 | 3 comments

07:35 am, April 13th…Somewhere in the Pampas of Argentina

Waking up in the middle of the Argentinian pampas is like waking up on a different planet. What I am watching now from my window is simply one of the most a spectacular landscapes ever seen. It’s desert, no sign of human life is around, the only village we met was around 6 this morning, before diving into this wilderness. There are no trees in the pampas, and the horizon is so far away but also clearly visible. The landscape keeps changing colours and shapes, from the brown of the top hills, the bus is now driving down toward a lake.  Everything is yellow and brown, except for the sunrise, who gave me on of the most amazing waking up of  my life this morning.

It’s an unreal trip, and I am enjoying the silence of the early morning in this bus. You can only admire ll this in silence I believe, and enjoy this amazing feeling of solitude and wild space, feeling part of it.

They just served s breakfast in the bus, and I am thinking I am sipping coffee in the most amazing surrounding ever seen. I love all this. I didn’t expect to find this when I woke up. It makes you feel it’s impossible to sleep or not to look outside the window, as you can miss an emotion.

Argentina is really amazing and neverending. The chaos of Baires is only a memory from here.

The entire journey has been long but amazing as well. I woke up in the middle of th night and saw an enormous storm at the horizon. It was incredible, the lightnings were all over the sky, enlightening the dark night of nowhere.

Slowly the landscape keeps changing. I am heading to the Lake Region and I start to get why it’s called like that. Suddenly the and appears surronded by lake water, that keeps changing colours according to the vulnerable sky above. Trees start to appear next to the waters, and sometimes you can see few horse around.


It’s an unimmaginable sublime beauty the one I am looking at now, beauty and solitude…and I can not stop staring at it and loving t, incredibly….



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