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Manu | 15 April 2012 | 1 comment

Arriving to Bariloche is a wonderful sweet surprise that enchants all your senses.

The town lays quiet on the shores of a wonderful blue water lake, surrounded by high mountain ranges: it’s the Andes and this is the first time I see them. The Andes embrace this area refreshing it with a cool breeze all the time. Wherever you go in town, you can see the lake with the corner of your eyes, and if the sun shines the entire Bariloche enlightss under its warm rays.

I arrived in town around 2pm and it was pretty impressive to see nobody in the streets. I’s the siesta time apparently, and even a place so touristic enjoys the pleasure of the afternoon nap. The shop were closed, except for the chocolate shops, so that I couldn’t resist and my lunch has been chocolates of all kind of tastes, shapes and colours. That was the most delicious welcome ever had I any town in the world. The entire city centre is full of chocolate shops, it looks like it’s the activity to do if you come in town. For the rest, the town is beautiful and tidy, it doesn’t even look like the same nation of Buenos Aires!

There are two main top mountains here around, and following the advise of some locals met in shops and at the hostels, I decided to give a chance to Cierro Campanario, from whose top a lady told me I could see one of the most impressive views of the entire South America.

That was the best choice ever! Well, arriving there was a bit of a mission, as the bus driver doesn’t really tell you where to stop, so that I missed it and I had to go back waling, on the side of a very trafficated road.

However, it worth it so much. Arriving on the top of Cierro Campanario is like skydiving with you feet on the floor. The wind is so strong that taking a picture or even standing straight is almost a mission. The view is unique in the world. Down in the valley, in front of you, lakes of all kinds , colours, dimensions and beauty lay in the sun, colouring not only your sight but your heart as well. You can only admire all this and listen to the wind that bows your mind away. It’s like the wind purify your soul, in order to transform you in the landscape you are watching. The mountains surround  all this blue, and the horizons goes for kilometres, everything is huge and heart-breaking, I felt so small and still on the top of the world. The Nature is incredible aound here. You cannot sop wondering and looking at it, even writing on a bus ( as I am doing at the moment) is almost painful for what is surrounding me.

This area is simply amazing. It could be somewhere in New Zealand or Norway, but it makes it even cooler the fact that is in the middle of South America.

A top to all this beauty is the fact that it’s currently Autumn around here, and the colours are incredibly vivid an beautiful, and the sun seems to go shining right on the most different coloured trees of the forests. Yes, the forests, with theirs fresh air and their mysterious atmosphere…the desert Pampas just outside the town is so far away now…

Despite the tourists that pack the town even in low season, Bariloche can easily steal your heart and for sure is one o those places on planet heart that have been chosen by Mother Nature to become one of her Masterpiece.

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