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Manu | 23 April 2012 | 5 comments

Mount Olivia dominating Ushuaia

There must be a reason if they call it La fin del Mundo, and you definitely need to get here to fully understand it and get this incredible feeling of being at the edge of everything, mountains, roads, sea, life….

Here La fin del mundo, the Worlds end, doesn’t have only a geographic meaning, but it hides lots of different meanings for all of those who manage to arrive here. All of them have a different story to tell, and that’s the real amazing sensation you have at Ushuaia.

View of Ushuaia from the boat

When I arrived here I was dead tired. The bus from Rio Gallegos was one of the worst trip I had so far, for the bad conditions of the road, the uncomfortable 12 hour bus ride, and the long journey itself. And, upon my arrival, there was a snow storm waiting for me. It was like being totally thrown into another dimension, that you would never associate with South America.

The lighthouse at the End of The World

Despite this, the chilly feel in the air was telling me I made it, I was at the End of  World and that was the best feeling I ever had in life; it meant so much to me , Ushuaia is a lifetime destination finally reached, and having done it alone means even more, it gave me the power to believe in myself and in what I can do in life.

Back to Ushuaia, a Patagonian man on the bus told me it’s pintoresqua, and I think that is the best way to describe it. Ushuaia is picturesque indeed; the Andes literally end their journey here, into the sea in front of Antarctica, after having run all the continent crossing it like the travellers who do the same to see this place. In this period, with less tourists around, the town is quiet and peaceful, with the snow caps reflecting themselves into its blue water and giving a sensation of coloured beauty surrounding the entire horizons. Even with the bad weather Ushuaia is simply amazing. The clouds give an atmosphere of magic to the town, it seems everything can happen here. It seems they hide it, in order not to be found, so that the summer tourists can run away and leave it in peace for the windy winter.

With the sun, Ushuaia shines in all its majestic and unbelievable beauty, in its magic colours, in the blue of the sky and the pink of the snowy mountains. Looking at the landscape and horizons, it seems to me I was in an unreal world, I have been staring at it all day and still couldn’t believe where I am. This is the most amazing feeling of all, I still cannot believe where I am. This place steals yourself and stamps it in your mind forever. Impossible not to love it. Impossible to forget it for sure. The Nature here is at its peak, at the top of its shining splendour, everything is uncontaminated, everything is extreme and breathing freedom. Pinguins, Cormorano, Sea Lions, seagulls choose htis place as their homeland and when you are here you understand the reason. On the boat heading to the lighthouse, sea lions were following us playing in the sea like dolphins. The Nature makes me feel so part of it here, so alive, I cannot stop wondering about its beauty and have this amazing feeling of belonging to it. This land is so pure, it seems man is only a spectator of the entire show Nature has to offer at its best. Some plants seen today on a small island off Ushuaia grow 1 mm in a milion year time, being there and staring at it, and touching it gently is like touching the creation of the world. That’ the mystic power of this place and of the entire Patagonia, everything here seems so much in touch with the primordial creation, everything here seems to have been attending it, and keeps it power for years and years.

The wonderful amazing Nature here is the best show that has ever coloured my eyes in life. Here I got the sensation of space, distance, time, beauty, power, life….here the rest doesn’t mind, the rest of the world, the rest of your life, the rest of the people , everything is called the rest over here, and it’s not even important as it is in the daily life. Maybe that’s the secret beauty of Ushuaia, here everything finishes, even your problems and thoughts.


  • Topher says:

    Your last paragraph says it all …..getting here is final, and the rest of
    the story is waiting…..else where.
    Ushuaia seems a threshold, a turning point, a moment of closure and
    Emotions run full circle, elated arrival, melancholy departure, and a
    sense of uncertainty.

  • Manu says:

    Very true, Chris! Thanks for sharing it with me! It was an amazing adventure! Keep in touch! 🙂

  • Joaquin says:

    Ahh just hearing these words flow frees my mind
    Beautiful writing like this inspires me to make it to the end of the
    I would love to get a postcard
    Keep up the great writing and travel well

  • Manu says:

    Thanks for your great words Joaquin! I already left Ushuaia when I read them, so that I couldn’t send you any postcard from Ushuaia anymore.
    Keep following andd stay tuned, more adventures will come very soon! 🙂

  • Mark Benson says:

    I’d love to have a vacation the La fin del mundo way!!! Interesting read and well written.

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