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Manu | 27 April 2012 | no comments

My last stop in Patagonia is Puerto Madryn, on the East cost, and it couldn’t be better, after  long sleepless night on a bus from Comodoro, and before another one on a bus to Buenos Aires. Puerto Madryn gave me a sip of sun and warmth after the cold temperature and for both body and mind they were totally appreciated with a smile. Its blue sea and warm wind made me spend all day on the beach, enjoying a long walk on the hill and discovering how low the clouds are in this place. In some moments they are huge and low in the sky, they almost seems touching the roof of the houses.

I didn’t go to the Peninsula Valdes, because I had too little time to do it, but it’s my promise to be back. I am happy I changed my plan at the beginning of the trip and I went through the West part of Patagonia, instead of the sea coast. The Andes have been marvellous, crossing the Pampa, the snow mountains and the atmosphere of being in the middle of nowhere won’t be forgotten for a lifetime. The East part seems much more spoiled , and the see is far, the road doesn’t even stay next to the seaside, so that I am back again in the middle of fields.

I am leaving Patagonia and I am really sad. I can’t believe I am leaving at my back all this beauty, I can’t even believe I have seen it sometimes. Patagonia gave me the feeling of belonging to the Nature, to the world we are living in. It gave me the chills of feeling small and unknown, and at the same time it hugged me with the warmth of its amazing people and some scenery that made me feel the most lucky person in the world. My eyes have been smiling in these 3 weeks, they got the beauty they deserved, they saw unbelievable places, never-ending roads in the middle of the Pampa, glaciers, blue lakes and read autumn mountains, they saw the end of this amazing world and the unique creatures who selected this places as their home, they saw a night storm and the sunrise in the desert… I will bring this place in my heart forever, I know.

Patagonia is a mystic land, it keeps changing in space and time with its unlimited distance and in this way it touches the heart of those who decide to cross it. Take your time to cross it all and Patagonia will touch your heart, that’s my advise. Getting into it means taking the time to observe it and feel it, this is Patagonia, coming down here  by plane doesn’t have any sense, as here the destination is really relatively important, and the travelling way much more. Patagonia educates you as a traveller, it makes you consider the time, the space, the silence, the nature, the respect, and once you leave it you feel someone else. At least this is what I feel. This place has changed my perception of a lot of things, and it opened my eyes to something totally new, to the wonder of an incredible new continent, where life is still so powerfully pulsing everywhere in the Nature and its force and beauty can be reached and touched but with care and respect, as we don’t own anything here.  I think this is one of the reasons why I am sad leaving it. How boring going back to Europe will be after this!

It gets dark on my last night on a bus heading to Buenos Aires. The shadows of the evening get closer and on my second bus night night in a raw I feel exhausted and sad. The bus keeps stopping in small unknown villages in the middle of nowhere, as it did in the last 3 weeks. I amazed of what I did in this time, in 3  weeks that feel like a lifetime on the road.

I’ll be back, for sure!


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