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Manu | 3 July 2012 | 1 comment

It’s nice to feel at home, that’s how I feel whenever I go to Barcelona. The first time I step on the Ramblas was when I was 15 months old, came back after 5 years and then at 19 both trips were amazing. It was soooooo much fun that I was determined to learn Catalan to honor my ancestors … I never did, is one of my future goal. At 19, I was thrilled by the history of Gaudi, climbed the narrow eternal stairs of the Sagrada Familia (Temple designed by the Catalan architect, his masterpiece which he began in 1882 and is still under construction) with Vanessa and Andrea , my fellow school friends who accompanied in my first backpacking adventure. I returned a few years later and it was just as I remember definitely not disappointed: Barcelona was then and it still wonderful.

Walking through its streets you can never get tired. Although you repeat the same route hundreds of times, it will never be the same, some detail, a picturesque character, something is definitely going to make it memorable, special and unique. In summer the boulevards are filled with chairs, tapas (traditional snacks with meats and seafood.) There are always glasses of beer served super cold in all tables.

The Boqueteria is the most complete store my eyes have ever saw, hanging hams, cheeses of all types, tapas and more tapas. Not going to the Boqueria would be a sacrilege, is like going to Cuba and not stepping at La Bodeguita del Medio

 La Barceloneta, right next to the ocean, a place that was inhabited by fishermen when they initially had not yet half of the luxury that stands today. Despite it´s still rustic style, today is a meeting point for youth and starting place for the hottest parties. The top bars of Barcelona prepare their tables early to get the first drink or enjoy dining almost on the sand. The Columbus monument, overlooking the harbor, is famous, perfect to locate for the clueless tourists (including this writer).

I advise taking a typical Golondrina (small boats) to see the city as seen from the sea and check La Barceloneta. But you can never really knew the neighborhood if you don´t get lost on the narrow and somewhat labyrinthine streets. Early risers can not forget to have breakfast one morning at the Palau de Mar and visit the History Museum of Catalonia, with a permanent exhibition that ranges from prehistoric times to the dictatorship and current democratic moment. They will have a unique view of the harbor and the city from its windows.

Returning to Gaudi, you can not miss the Park Güell, in the neighborhood of Health, Gracia district, gardens designed by Güell and Gaudí. The design clearly shows the hand of an architect, and Gaudi’s unique style is evident in every element. There are columns that have tree shapes, stalactites and geometric shapes. Many of the surfaces are covered with pieces of ceramic or glass color mosaic color. Because of its location outside the city and it´s high altitude, this park is a haven of peace in contrast with the noise and frenzy of the capital Catalan.

One part that I like most about Barcelona is the Gothic Quarter, even the name inspires mystery and makes it essential in the traveler route. It is the oldest part of the city where the historic center is located. It’s worth knowing the Chapel of the Palace and see also the first wall of the Cathedral of Barcelona. And please oh please, don´t forget to visit the incredible Casa Batló!

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