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Manu | 22 June 2012 | no comments

Camden town

It was the 23rd of July  2005 when I arrived in London for  the 1st time . It was only few days after the bomb attack, everybody had suggested me and my friend not to go, but that place was calling us since ever. It was a deserved trip after a long year of study and friendship in Rome, and it was the summer I had to go to live to Danmark for a while.What a  better excuse than this to stop over for a couple of days, visit a bit Europe’s capital and then fly to Denmark for a crazy summer in Aarhus… I didn’t know that that trip would have linked me and London forever. Despite we stayed only for few days, I got so amazed by London, that I moved there after 6 months!!!! Even now that I don’t live there anymore ( and I have been living there twice), London remains one of the most memorable places of my lifetime. (more…)