Mýrarboltinn 2017 in Bolungarvik

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Manu | 22 August 2017 | no comments
mud football,westfjords, bolungarvik

The final ended up with penalties…uh oh!

Every year on the first week of August the Westfjords of Iceland become the set of the most crazy football tournament in the entire country: a football competition in the mud.

Yes, you read it right! Dozens of Icelanders and non come up here to play football in the mud for an entire day. The conditions are really difficult but that is what makes the tournament fun to play and to see.

From this year the tournament has been moved from Isafjordur to Bolungarvik, in a wonderful natural setting surrounded by those mountains that make this part of the world so unique and special.

Mud football in Bolungarvik, Westfjords

All ages allowed, even only to play in the mud!

There are people of all ages participating. You can create your own team and register to it, but you can also come and ask to play if needed. It is pretty tough to run in the mud so you need to make sure to tape your shoes at your feet. You will be exhausted by the end of the first match but, judging from the pictures below, a smile on your face is guaranteed before a well deserved hot shower!

Have fun!

Mud football, Bolungarvik, Westfjords

Oh yes, there is a lot of beer too! Of course, you are in iceland!

And some weird rules forcing you to wear a black hat on your face if you have been a bad boy!

There are those who fall in despair when they lost, and those who couldn’t care less. All of them love enjoying the mud, though!

And then there are kids, who, of course, are those who love it the most!


Mýrarboltinn, Mud football in Bolungarvik

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