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Alicante castle, Spain, landmarks

View from the castle tower

Alicante  represents the door to the Southern vibes of Spain. It welcomes you with a warm sun, blue sky, lazy atmosphere and tons of people on the beach. After the cold days snowy days of Barcelona and Valencia, it is a pleasure to get closer to the seaside and start breathing a bit of Summer here.

Alicante castle, spain

Alicante stunning castle

As soon as you get in town the shadow of its stunning castle, up a steep hill, starts following you everywhere. Impossible not to stare at it and imagine how amazing the view from its highest town must be.

Alicante, castle, spain

Alicante as seen from the castle

Luckily it is possible to visit it until 11pm at night and going up there is neither that difficult nor expensive. If you are not keen to walk up the hill for more than an hour, you can just walk along the seaside until you reach the castle lift where, with only 2,70 euros, you will have a fast ride up and, in only few minutes, you will be right on the tower to admire the stunning view of Alicante at your feet. Simply the best way to get to know this town from its most important landmark.

Alicante, castle, Spain, sea

One more view from the tower

Once back in town there is not much left to do except for visiting its old barrio, with its tiny narrow streets full of plants and flowers in the typical Spanish style.

Alicante, barrio, Spain, Spanish

The narrow streets of the old barrio

Once again, the castle back ground will keep following you everywhere and make it perfect for photography lovers.

alicante, spain

A cool street of Alicante downtown

The rest if the town is really not much of an interest as Alicante has transformed itself into a getaway destination for Norrthern European people and when you enter a bar to get a small beer you will find yourself surrounded by tons of them everywhere, making you believe you are rather in Sweden or Germany than in Spain. This makes the town lose its appeal and makes the off the beaten path visitors like me run away the day after.

beer, alicante, spain

Beer instructions for the Nordic tourists in town can be seen in every bar of Alicante

Overall, a day in Alicante is worth a visit and is more than enough before heading to more local destination of this beautiful part of the world. 


Alicante, Spain

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