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Manu | 25 February 2018 | no comments
Sagrada famila, barcelona, spain, gaudì

The stunning vault of the basilica, built on tree shaped columns

It is truly impossible to describe the feeling I had today while entering the Sagrada Familia temple, here in #Barcelona. I was simply overwhelmed by so much Joy and Beauty that I suddenly felt the need to silently cry under its silent grace. This place simply took my breath away. Stepping inside it was like stepping inside a forest. Its colums are tree shaped and the entire vault is like an explosion of flowers and leaves.

Sagrada familia, gaudì. barcelona, spainMore than a temple to Christianity, this place is a temple to Mother Nature, its deity and perfection to which we all belong as part of the same sacred divine mystery which is Life.
I have travelled the world and seen many marvels around, but I never felt like today, I never had the feeling of admiring the vision of an enlighten heart.

Sagrada familia, gaudì, barcelona, spain

The stunning colour light effects coming from the glasse

Sagrada familia, barcelona, gaudì, modernismThe incredible use of light by Gaudì is incredible used in every corner of the temple. The glasses of the east side of the church have cold colours, such as green and blue while the west side ones have warm colours, such as red, orange and yellow. This to perfectly imitate Nature and its colours.

sagrada familia, gaudì, spain

The light coming from the coloured light glasses creates stunning reflections on the columns, resembling a real forest

It is good to keep this in mind when deciding to visit the Basilica, as if you visit it in the afternoon, when the sun is enlighting the west side, the entire temple is shining under its warm colours, creating stunning effects of natural lights reflecting on its vaults and columns. It seems like if millions of coloured lights have been placed along the walls to create a fairytale effect, but actually all those lights are natural and simply come from the reflections of the coloured glasses. I have truly never seen such a wise way to observe the Nature and use all its secret up to the smallest details.

Sagrada familia, barcelona, gaudì

This is the splendour you will find if you visit the Basilica in the afternoon light…

The Basilica is 170 meters high, 1 meter less than the meter less than Montjuïc, the mountain in Barcelona, which is also the city’s highest point, as Gaudí believed that nothing man-made should ever be higher than God’s work. When you visit it many will argue it is a pity that Gaudí never managed to see his masterpiece completed, as the job will be com pelter only in 2026. What I felt while I was there is that Gaudí didn’t mind that. He already saw its masterpiece completed, long before all of us could even see the first stone placed on the ground, he saw it in his imagination, in his talent and vision, in his heart.

sagrada familia, gaudì, spain, abrcelona,

Details of one of the external facades

That vision is what makes this place unique in the world. La Sagrada Familia comes straight from the heart of a visionary, it is one of the human creations closer to God that have ever been not only built, but imagined. This is the reason that makes that place and its energy sacred and why it keeps enlightening the heart of those who enter it expecting nothing and come out of it with a smile on their face and a coloured open heart.Sagrada familia, barcelona


For a visit to La Sagrada Familia, consider visiting it in the afternoon, as explained above, and buying the ticket online (with audio guide is better) to skip the long queue outside.


Barcelona, Sagrada Familia

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