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Manu | 6 March 2018 | no comments
tarragona, magic, Spain

The Festival of Magic in Tarragona

Arriving in Tarragona on the very first night of its Festival of Magic, held among the narrow ancient streets of its old town is one of the most pleasant welcomes I ever had in a town, in my life. This little town has a magic vibe around that surrounds and surrounds you from the first sight.

Tarragona, Roman Amphiteatre, Spain, catalunya

The roman amphitheatre is, together with the cathedral, the landmark of Tarragona

From its Roman amphiteather to its medieval stunning cathedral it is all a festive joy for the eyes and a pleasure to get lost in it, enlighten by the blue of the Mediterranean sea in front of you. 

Tarragona, Spain

A view on the Mediterranean!

The gothic cathedral, built around the year 1300 on the ancient Roman forum dominates the landscape of the old town and leads you no matter which street you take. At night its splendour and glory tells you stories of ancient pilgrims and faith and keeps your eyes staring al the time.

Tarragona, cathedral, catalunya

The stunning view of Tarragona cathedral at night, enlightening the sight and the heart

The Festival of Magic was a fantastic plus in a contest that felt like magic and gave me the possibility to  meet the locals who warmly welcomed me with a smile and their friendly attitude.

tarragona, street art, Spain, Catalunya

One of the stunning facades in Tarragona

Casted between the two main cities of the Catalunya region, Barcelona and Valencia, Tarragona keeps the authenticity of the old times and of its people  without the caos of big streets and tall buildings and it is worth a couple of days to fully enjoy its beauty during the day and its nightlife after the sunset. If you add this to the fact that it is easy to visit it by foot, it makes a perfect stop before heading to the main cities of the region.

Tarragona, Spain, CatalunyaA must when you travel in this area, especially in the low season as it is still pretty unknown to the massive tourism in the winter months, it makes you feel you are finally entering the real Catalunia.



Tarragona, Catalunia

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