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How to Create a Gallery/Portfolio

To make a Gallery or Portfolio starts with creating a Post. So read the following instructions carefully.

How to Create a Post

Go to WP dashboard and select Post, Add New. Now appears Add New Post.

Beneath the content block you’ll see Gallery options/ Gallery video. Here you can insert a photo or a video with the following file formats.

Support Video files: flv, f4v, mp4, mov

If you selected your photo or video, you’re ready to adjust further options at Screen post options. Read more 5 I Screen page options in the manual.

If your Gallery also contains items like text, it automatically will visible, beneath at the page in the gallery block. This text also will be automatically will be provided with ‘Read More’ if you don’t exceed the limit.

Gallery/Portfolio Slide down menu

The thought behind the concept is that all content must be visible full screen. This is why the Slide down menu automatically disappears when you want it to be. Just click on the arrow and the menu will disappear into the Footer. But for the Ultimate gallery experience, click on resize icon on the top left of your Gallery menu. And top header navigation and footer will smoothly slide away. And gives you a Full Screen Gallery/Portfolio experience.

Features Slide Down Menu

The menu only provides information and features that are necessary to give the visitors of your website a unique (Gallery) experience.

If the Menu in the Footer is present, the arrows on the right gives, you the option to slide through your Gallery’s. Click at the category you want and the Gallery/Portfolio brings you to the series of photos or videos you want. Under the arrows you will see how many pictures/videos are left in that particle category.

Features Gallery Menu

  • Selection of gallery’s with notice of the gallery titel
  • Overlay text with Read more link (optional)
  • Slide Header and Menu away by click on the resize icon
  • Menu close/open

Header and Footer closed ( resize icon on the left will show the header and footer with a slide transitions effect.