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Getting to Heymaey, even if so close to the Icelandic coast, has been a travel itself. The ferry from Þorlákshöfn takes an absurd ride for about 3 hours before docking. That means if the sea is not calm like it was today, it can be hell.
In fact, even with the calm sea, it’s really tough to be on that ferry for 3 hours and you can really feel the power of the Ocean, especially of the Ocean at the top of the World, Ocean that from this land goes until the end of the world down to the South Pole.
As always, the tortuous trip worth the destination.
Arriving to Heymaey is like arriving on an island millions of years ago, in an ancient world where Nature still lives and dominates undisputed, doing whatever she wants, in the good and in the bad.
And the story of this place is the proof of that. In 1975 the volcano on the island erupted and changed the geography and the landscape of this place, with new land added to the island by the lava, and even a new little island that came out by a previous volcano eruption and that changed forever the horizons of these people who once decided to live on this unknown place without a reason.
Here the Nature erupts power. Everything remembers the shape of a volcano, the rocks and the mountains conform to what they have been before, like if they want to remember it forever.
The little village on the island lays softly between those heavy mountains, the impression is like it doesn’t want to disturb them. Just outside the little village, the main road leads to the hills without trees, meets the golf fields with the most beautiful scenery in the world, and keeps going towards the other end of the isle. The cliffs of this island are some of the most beautiful ever seen in my life. The black lava colour, their fragility, their great loneliness, hiding what once was an active and violent volcano make them unique in the world. The just stand there in front of the newest Nature creations, in front of the last masterpiece of Mother Nature still not touched by human feet and not crossed by human paths, like Surtney Isle, that you can see in the middle of the sea spying the world and still reign of birds of all kinds only, the only ones who have the right to be called the real inhabitants of this place.
A unique island, out of the common world.

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