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Manu | 18 July 2012 | no comments

Terschelling, Holland, September 1st, 2009

The last page of My 1st impressions 1st book!

I just arrived and I already feel like finishing my 1st Travel Diary with the memories of Terschelling, this tiny unknown island that hides unique sceneries and that is already part of me.

Hidden treasures of Terschelling

So it happened that behind the forest, I discovered infinite sand dunes, covered by little purple flowers and green grass all over, surrounded only by the sound of the wind, while the lighthouse of the village reminds me the direction.

Long time has gone since Hirtshals and the first page of this diary, and I am still here going around the Northern Sea, to discover, catch it and understand it forever. Now I can go around the Dutch

Terschelling village

isles alone, and free…and this says a lot about the road done. Terschelling and the cloudy sky, the intense scent of the sea and the narrow streets of the village crossing each other: everything reminds me of other paths already crossed until now and that I loved so much. I love the sensation of this moment, that I follow since ever and that I need to feel alive, the sensation that I love calling Freedom.

Unforgettable sunset of Terschelling

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