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Manu | 17 September 2012 | 5 comments

The Bryggen, the Medieval town in Bergen

20th June 2003

I go back to the starting point, there where everything started one yeat ago, the most beautiful and unpredictable year of my life.

The Fish market in Bergen

I haven’t even walked through the town yet, but I feel Bergen is the same than last year the same as usual, and I love it more than before now, i feel a bit of myself belongs to it, and it’s nice the sensation to come back to a place where you have been happy and where you feel loved , it’s a rare feeling in life and I feel it here.

I would have never believed that I I would have come back here after one year, walking trough the Bryggen and with my new friends who remember me of the old ones and who

The Mcdonald’s building in Bergen

remember me also that Life is really immense and of all the paths you cross in life, the most important one is always the one heading to the Human Being.

Everything is a memory, along these streets, memories of people met and experiences lived fully…and still new experiences to live and new lives to experience…


View of Bergen from Mount Floy

This page belong to my 1st travel diary and I wrote it the day I came back to Bergen, during my Norwegian Interrail in the summer of 2003, at the end of my Erasmus in Oslo.

Reindeer meat market in Bergen

I had been living already in Bergen the previous summer, when I did a summer course of Norwegian Language at the local university. That had been my 1st experience abroad, and you can well understand why this town has always had a special place in my heart.

Bergen is one of the place I love the most in Europe. It gives you the feeling of Scandinavia, the one you imagine since you are at school, with the fjords nearby and the houses with small red roofs all around, with the colored fish market and friendly pe.ople greeting you. I had an amazing experience both times I was there and I always come back with a great pleasure. Bergen and its rainy landscape belong to my life history, definitely


The arrival of the Hurtigruten in town, heading to the North Pole!



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