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Manu | 3 January 2013 | 2 comments


Camels in the Sahara

Morocco is like rainbow, a country that has diverse colors. During my stay in Morocco, I could visit 5 different cites, they were so different and all were beautiful.

Marrakesh markets

I started my trip in Marrakesh where you can see the big market in the main square/small markets in the narrow streets in the town. Besides the world most interesting market, I found it wonderful that I could see the snow on the mountain over the town, at the same time when I was enjoying the sun at the terrace.
Marrakesh was however, sometimes too busy and hectic, even to me, a Korean who was born and lived in the super crowded metropolitan Seoul. The biggest challenge in this city was crossing the road, seriously. There is no traffic sign, and all the transportation like cars, taxies, buses, bicycles, motorcycles, horses, donkeys pass non-stop from everywhere.
So after 2 days, I have seen enough, headed to Merzouga, where I can reach Sahara desert.
Sahara desert is absolutely amazing! I cannot even describe, but I would rather share the pictures that I took during the camel ride. There I had the most wonderful Christmas eve/day that I won’t forget in my life.

Heading to the desert

On the way from Merzouga to Fes by Grand Taxi, I met lots of beautiful scenery, was so much excited and become humble at the beauty of nature. I even saw the snow when we go by Hi Atlas, so it was literally White Christmas that I never expected.

Beautiful Tannery in Fez

My passion and love for shopping Moroccan goods continued in Fes. There were many authentic shops along the countless streets in the famous medina. Medina was full of little shops, beautiful old buildings, also one of the must-sees in Fes, the leather tannery. Medina in Fes is definitely impressive.
Riad is a traditional hotel of Morocco. I stayed only in Riads or camping tent during my stay in Morocco, I felt in love with Riad already when I was researching riads before the trip. I loved the cozy lounge with ceiling where the sunshine is coming in, gorgeous lamps, artistic paintings of Morocco, the lovely room of authentic interior, rooftop terrace where I enjoyed mint tea.

Chefchaouen, the blue town

The last but not least, Chefchaouen is a small town with amazing blue-colored houses. People compare it with Santorini in Greece, and I never been to Santorini, but I guess Chefchaouen has more natural beauty in it. I could see local people’s daily lives, the pure people living in the beautiful village on the mountain. They were as beautiful as the blue color of Chefchaouen.

Valley of Rose, enchanting Morocco

If you are adventurous, if you want to see something genuine during your trip, pack your stuff and go to Morocco. And don’t forget to have enough space in your bag, there will be so many things that you might want to bring to your home, even though you are a person who doesn’t buy any souvenir normally.



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