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Dynjandi, waterfall, westfjords, Iceland

A view of Dynjandi from its feet

In Isafjordur it is considered the most beautiful waterfall of Iceland and it seems a bit exaggerated when you hear it for the first time, but you understand they may be right as soon as you find yourself standing at the feet of the the majestic Dynjndi waterfall.

Waterfall, dynjandi, isafjordur, westfjords

Hidden in the middle of some of the most stunning and unknown fjords of Iceland, among blue waters surrounding snowy peaks all around, this waterfall is definitely one of a kind. The more you go up to get closer to it the more you perceive how wonderfully high and strong it is. And if you are brave to get all the way to its feet at the top of the hill, you can contemplate the power of Mother Nature at its best while overlooking one of the most untouched and beautiful landscapes of Iceland.

westfjords, iceland

The stunning colours of the Westfjords in Summer

The Westfjords have welcomed me back to Iceland with their most spectacular landmark, on a sunny and glorious day that makes me feel so in peace with the rest of the world surrounding me. I couldn’t have a better welcome back. This part of the world, which I sporadically visited few years ago in winter, is one of the most scenic corners of the world and in summer it literally shines in all its majesty under the neverending Midnight Sun.

Dynjandi, Westfjords, iceland

One of the old wooden churches of iceland, on the road to Dynjandi

westfjords, iceland

The stunning Summer Nature of iceland at its best in the Westfjords

The way to the Dynjandi fall is an overwhelming and continuous wowing at the beauty surrounding you. The naturally saturated colors of the summer nature and the mountain road that brings you to the top and then gently goes down towards the sea let you appreciate and fall in love with this region, so much less populated and visited by locals and tourists and therefore so much more special and precious. The tour I took with Wild Westjords allowed me to enjoy the landscape, the waterfall and the road before all the other tourist companies arrived and that was what made it special among other things.

Westfjords, iceland, houses

An example of the old Icelandic houses in the Westfjords

Iceland in June is at the top of its beauty with its purple lupins adorning valleys and mountains sides, its blue waters and snowy mountains, its few tourists around, its silence and its breeze that starts to taste like Summer.

Westfjords, iceland

Westfjords are off the tourist path and well worth a visit

You feel so small when you stand at the feet of Dynjandi but if you take the time to deeply breath and connect with it you feel incredibly powerfull and totally connected with those waters that come from mountains far away behind its horizon and that are jumping down the hill to finally and happily reach the sea in the valley below. It is a celebration of life on our beautiful planet that seems so fragile from the valley but also so alive from the top of the mountain.

Dynjandi, waterfall, iceland, west fjords

Feeling so small and so alive at the feet of Dynjandi Waterfall

The Westfjords are barely visited by tourists in Iceland. I don’t know why they rather prefer to go to visit the same sites in the South instead of experiencing the real taste of the country they came to visit, here in the West.

Dynjandi, waterfall, westfjords, iceland

The majestic view of Iceland from the top of Dynjandi

This makes the region feeling still authentic and untouched. This makes this region feeling special, a silent secret to keep away from masses in order to remember why we all fell in love with this stunning country the first time we came here.

westfjords, Iceland, my1stimpressions

And i think to myself…what a wonderful world!!!


The Dynjandi Waterfall Tour is operated by Wild WestFjords.

Pick up: down town Isafjordur in the morning.

Lenght of the tour: 5-6 hours



Dynjandi waterfall, Westfjords, Iceland

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