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Manu | 19 November 2017 | no comments
Bjelašnica, Bosnia

Bjelašnica frozen forest

Just outside Sarajevo, it takes you an half hour drive to get completely lost in space and time, with ancient forests taking over the cement and city buildings and wrapping you in their mystical and ethereal atmosphere. In a cloudy and foggy morning of Mid-November as the one of today was, driving up the mountain was a unique experience. No traffic around, noone along the road, silence everywhere and those stunning huge trees surrounding us all over.

Bjelašnica Bosnia

The black and white world of Bosnia sacred woods

They raised from the ground as proud warriors, firmly standing and struggling against the icy winter which had arrived few days ago in the country.

Bjelasnica, Bosnia

A moment frozen in space and time

You could feel the battle, you could feel the fight, you could feel the ice freezing the instants with the same strength it was trying to freeze our breath when we suddenly entered that magic world and found ourselves surrounded by such a stunning beauty.
The world up there was naturally painted in black and white, magically frozen in a frame of time that had allowed Mother Nature to paint the world in pure white. Pure bliss!


Watch the photo album here:

Bjelašnica sacred woods of Bosnia

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