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Manu | 26 August 2012 | 15 comments

Here it is some curios facts you may find interesting, funny or if you know me in person just typical me!


April 2012: On the top of Cerro Campanario, Bariloche, Argentina

Esperiments with my camera in Sicily

– I am left handed 

– I speak Norwegian

– I actually have a Degree in Scandinavian Languages and Literatures (Norwegian and Danish) in Rome

– I am a cat person who is in love with dogs.

– In my family as a tradition we only have white cats

– I love football, playing it and watching it! The weirdest place where I watched a football match was in Ivory Coast

– I have been in most of the European countries so far, even the weirdest ad furthest, but never been to France. Not yet!

Jumping in the sunset of Morocco

Jumping in the sunset of Morocco

– I have been living twice in Norway , Amsterdam and London , and also in Denmark, Scotland, England, and Iceland. Currently looking for my next destination.

Interrail 2003 in Norway

My dream was to go to live on a very small island for one year, meeting all the locals and knowing everyone. Even if you won’t like it, you will have amazing memories forever! Small islands inspiring this dream were Skye, the Far Oer, the Orkneys and the Vestmannaeyjar. Iceland realised my dream!

– Before moving to iceland, I had been 3 times in Iceland in winter and didn’t manage to see the Northern Light once!

Holland 2011, partying at Queensday

– I love beer, especially the Belgian ones.

– And I love whiskey, especially the Scottish one!

– I love Scotland in general! Edinburgh is one of those places on Planet Earth that gives me a “home feeling” withouth knowing how and why. Everytime I come back there I have the feeling I belong to it and I don’t want to leave it anymore!

– People who meet me love to guess where I am from. The most quoted countries are: Greece, Spain,Turkey, Egypt, Argentina, Brasil and even Afganistan…I never met anybody who actually asked me if I was just Italian!


Skydiving in Texel, Holland 2011

Skyen, Top of Danmark, 2005 with friends

– When I do have a hobby or a passion, I tend to learn everything about it, and once I get the whole knowledge…it’s too late…I am already bored of it!

– I am a Gemini…that’s why!

– So far I have been lucky enough to have seen so many places I wanted to see: Lofoten, New Zealand, Perito Moreno, Ushuaia, Iceland, Isafjordur, Prekestolen, Skye Isle, Edinburgh, Norway, Amsterdam, Queenstown, Scotland, Orkneys Isles, Far Oer, Morocco, Cameroun and soo many more;

-I am lucky to say I have been travelling across Africa for 6 months, on an expedition from Iceland to South Africa on a truck overlanding the entire Western Coast of Africa!!! 

Lisbon 2004

– I am definitely lucky to have met some of the greatest people in the world while traveling. Many of them are some of my greatest friends.

– I bring with me a bit all the people I have met on the road.

Oh yeah, chilling on the grass, one of my hobbies

– I love Metal music, but also Reggae and alternative unknown bands to discover around the world.

– And then I love Queen!

– I love Scottish butter shortbread biscuits!

– I speak Spanish even though I never studied it.

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand 2008

Bathing at Mivatn Blue Lagoon, Iceland 2010

– I learned Spanish in Norway when I met one of my best friends, Antonio, who was speaking such a bad English that we agreed we would have been speaking our own languages to communicate with each other. We managed to become great friends speaking our own language with each other! The power of friendship!

– I am one of the few brave people who went to live in  Scotland to improve my English! 🙂 

– I love travelling alone, as it gives me a better possibility to meet the locals and in general to meet more people. it is a way to discover myself, to grow and to meet the world.

– In Patagonia once I took a no-stop 28 bus ride, from Bariloche to El Calafate. That remains my longest no-stop ride ever!

My birthday celebrated at the border between Gabon and Congo

My birthday celebrated at the border between Gabon and Congo

Getting wild in Ghana

Getting wild in Ghana

– I love reading multiple books at the same time. Life is too boring with one book at a time.

– I started to write my travel diary in 2003, at the time of my Interrail in Norway. I never stopped since then.

Sleepy me having bfast

– I hate shopping, fashion and all these kind of superficial annoying things of life.

– I have been under arrest in Iceland for few hours as the dogs smelled weed on me the first time I went there, because I was coming from Amsterdam.

– And I have been under arrest also in Australia, as I didn’t have a tram ticket and the police found it out.

My happiness when i made it in Patagonia alone!

– I tend to miss my planes very often and very easily.

– I missed my plane to New Zealand the day my Australian visa expired!

– In Rome once  I went to check in at the wrong airport! (So typical me!)

– Oh yes, once I went to check in a day earlier, too!

– I love ice cream, especially pistache and amarena.

In front of Perito Moreno Glacier , Argentina 2012, a dream coming true

Sydney 2008, in front of the Ocean

– I love sending and receiving postcards. Anyone who wants to send me one?

– I love skydiving

– Oh, I love sleeping. I can sleep in all kind of climatic and environmental conditions! I consider it almost one of my hobbies. Do never tell me you want to meet me at 10 in the morning!

The day I reached the Equator, in the forests of Gabon

The day I reached the Equator, in the forests of Gabon

– If there is one simple thing I really hate is when people lie to me and hide me things. I am not stupid and I know people enough to understand when they do it. This makes me loose every kind of trust and respect for them, forever. I am sorry!

– On my bucket list there are Mount Everest, the Transiberian, Mongolia, Brasil, Tonga, Svalbard and Antarctica…just to start…

With my nephew Manuel, the only man who managed to make me come back home, July 2013

With my nephew Manuel, the only man who managed to make me come back home, July 2013

– At the end of the overland trip across Africa in 2013, my original plan was to live in Cape Town for a while. The only reason that made me leave Africa was my beautiful nephew Manuel, who was born just few days before the end of the trip. When I saw his sweet face in the pciture I understood it was time to go home.



With my friend Laura on the day we got lost on Moen Island, Danmark 2005

With my friend Laura on the day we got lost on Moen Island, Danmark 2005


Party time with my friends in Amsterdam, 2009

– I am convinced we are here on this Planet to make the most out of our life. We are surrounded by amazing sceneries, landscapes, people, beauties…we cannot spend all our life sited in the same house, in the same town, in the same country, in the same continent and wait for life to pass by…. this is for the lazy people who will complain one day about all the things they didn’t do….and I don’t see myself being one of them!

-Oh, and yes, I LOVE MY FRIENDS!

My friends, my richness around the world! Cheers guys!



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